Rub a Dub Dub, CBI Men's Club

2012 Edition - Men, Men, Men, Manly, Men, Men, wimpy ending

We are looking for a few good men!!!!

"You can handle it!!!" says co-chairs Dave Bloom and David Gordon .

Membership for CBI men's club is $36 as usual,

Some of the upcoming and soon to be coming Men's club events: include:

* Seasonal poker events

* Multiple sports viewing parties - Men's Clubs joined with neighboring

men's clubs for NFL, March Madness, etc.

* Kosher chineese food/AFC or NFC Championship game

* Topical forums and speakers

* Kayaking under the Tappan Zee

* Bowling

* Men's Night Out

* Mitzvah projects

* Main stays - Progressive dinner/Chanukah dinner/Sukkah building/Lag b'omer picnic

See our total calendar of events in the menorah - We would of course be open to

women joining, however, not sure we could figure out a new name for the club.

One thing for sure if we did it would not be your father's Men's Club.

Contact David Gordon at
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Congregation B'nai Israel
53 Palisade Avenue, Emerson, NJ 07630

Phone: (201) 265-2272
Fax: (201) 265-0971