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• All ingredients should be listed in order of use. Indicate if they are chopped, minced, melted, etc.

• Please be sure to include accurate package sizes and to provide the pan sizes needed for each recipe.   Measurements should be as precise as possible.

• Baking times should be accurate and give a test for doneness. (e.g., Bake for 45 to 50 minutes, until golden. Cool completely, then cover and refrigerate overnight.)

• Indicate whether to cook a recipe covered or not.

• Indicate if you can make it ahead of time and if it can be frozen and/or reheated.

• Indicate the number of servings.

• Make sure there are no “dangling” ingredients—i.e., instructions that tell you to prepare an ingredient and set it aside, then the reserved ingredient isn’t added to the recipe!

If you’re sure, let us know if it is a gluten-free recipe, vegetarian or vegan, meat, dairy, nut-free …

Regarding Jewish Dietary Laws:

We understand that not everyone is kosher but there are many recipes that are easily adjusted for kashrut. To the best of your ability, please make the changes, otherwise the editors will have to. Examples: margarine instead of butter, non-dairy creamer instead of milk and Rich’s pareve topping instead of whipping cream in a meat dish, no meat and cheese dishes unless a vegan cheese alternative is acceptable.  Please, no treif foods (shellfish and pork). Kosher turkey bacon, beef fry and imitation crabmeat is available.


History or Story About This Recipe (optional but we’d love it)

Example A.  I used to make this every Friday with my grandma Goldie. She came to the states from     England with my grandpa Jack, who was a boxer at the turn of the century.

Example B.  This is the first recipe that my son, Michael, cooked for me on Mother’s Day when he was 12 years old.  On Father’s Day, his dad was not too happy because he didn’t get anything special cooked for him.

Example C.  Our family loved this dish at a restaurant while we were on vacation in Italy. After many attempts at unsuccessfully recreating it, we emailed the restaurant for the recipe and they kindly sent it to us. Thank you, Prima la Famiglia!

Example D.  Quarantine cooking made our house smell great but the kitchen a mess. This was a tasty dish but won as making the kitchen the messiest!

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